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Dance X Technology Project
Title Dance X Technology Project
Date 2022-09-16 ~ 2022-09-25
Time 1 - FRI 7:30 SAT 3·7PM SUN 3PM | 2 - THU 7:30 FRI·SAT 3·7:30PM SUN 2·6PM
Venue Sejong Center for the Performing Arts S Theater
Contact 02-3472-1420
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Part1(9.16-18) Nondance Dance - Chung Ji Hye, Kang Seong Ryong, Shin Seung Back, Kim Yong Hun
Part2(9.22-25) 20▲△ - Song Joowon


This new production by the KNCDC addresses how dance can build a relationship with future. Succeeding the previous experiment of the Dance&Technology Creation Lab in 2021, it presents new possibilities of dance performance in relation to technology that became close to us more rapidly due to the COVID-19 pandemic from two different perspectives.

In Part 1, the dancers Jung Jihye, Kang Sungryong explore new possibilities in which dance performance and an AI recognition system can relate to each other through collaboration with the media art team, Shin Seungbaek Kim Yonghoon. In Part 2, choreographer Song Joowon examines the space with an accumulation of time through an active interchange with different fields and the life told by the body reflected in the space.

무용x기술 융합 프로젝트 포스터


신승백 김용훈 황수현 강성룡 정지혜

Chung Ji Hye, Kang Seong Ryong, Shin Seung Back, Kim Yong Hun





Song Joowon
Move to the top.