New Horizon of Contemporary Dance with Korean Identity
Korea National Contemporary Dance Company (KNCDC) attempts to gain a new vitality through openness to new proposals and experiments from the perspective of ‘here and now’, based on senses penetrating various phenomena of body and Korean contemporary life. With contemporary dance, it talks about historical, social and daily experiences and raises relevant questions. It strives to create an environment for modern dance where all people enjoy themselves transcending classes, regions and generations. In sum, KNCDC pursues Korean contemporary dance communing with the global community.
An experiment for pluralizing perspectives: discover and expand the promising present
KNCDC is expanding specialized attempts through annual programming, in order to search for the stimulation and response of contemporary dance. While the company sought to reflect upon the present with the act of remembering along with a re-examination of the history of Korean contemporary dance through the theme of ‘Defining Contemporary Dance: Re-inventing the Past’ in 2014, it made the topic as pluralization of the perspectives upon the body and the world with‘Trans-perspective: Under, Between, Beyond’in 2015. It attempted the free transferring of perspectives and pluralized the ways of looking at social cultures and institutions with groundless imagination. In 2016, KNCDC seeks to expand into a new realm by promoting various artistic possibilities beyond limitations of genre and form in traditional music, calligraphy, contemporary art and music, with the theme of ‘connection and illocution’..
Artistic Themes and Missions for 2014
: Contemporary Perspective Emerging from the Past

Amidst ongoing review of Korean contemporary dance, KNCDC is gearing up for diverse forms of projects under the theme of ‘history and memory’, with a focus placed on historicity. It is primarily interested in recounting the impact of Western culture on, and introduction of modernity in, Korean creative dance, and examining suppression of Asian thoughts and customs underlying an aggressive drive of capitalization and modernization, and an ensuing contemporaneous return. This suggests that somewhat mythological and monistic values unwittingly manifest themselves everywhere. KNCDC ensures that past works and important moments are subject to scrutiny to rehash them from a contemporary point of view.
As part of such endeavors, it is preparing a new work incorporating contemporary values and inquiries rediscovered out of Korean materials and thoughts. It also pursues interdisciplinary programs and diverse other projects to look back over milestones, crucial works, and major artists in the history of Korean dance and art.