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Artistic Director T 02 6196 1698
  • AHN, Sungsoo Artistic Director ssa@kncdc.kr
Administrative Director T 02 6196 1697
  • Lim, Soyoung Administrative Director sophia@kncdc.kr
Planning and Management Team T 02 3472 1613
  • SONG, Youngchul Team Leader culturepo@kncdc.kr
    KANG, Jungwoo Team Member kang@kncdc.kr
    BANG, Hyungil Team Member bang@kncdc.kr
    LEE, Yena Team Member yenalee@kncdc.kr
    JEONG, Haneul Team Member neul@kncdc.kr
Programming and Production Team T 02 3472 1420
  • GWAK, Ahram Team Leader ahram@kncdc.kr
    BAE, Hyeyoung Team Member young@kncdc.kr
    AN, Sujin Team Member sujin@kncdc.kr
    LEE, Dahee Team Member daheel@kncdc.kr
    CHA, Jimin Intern chacha@kncdc.kr
    HWANG, Dasom Intern dasom@kncdc.kr
PR and Marketing TF Team T 02 6196 1600
  • IM, Youngsook Team Leader adagioys@kncdc.kr
    KIM, Jiyeon Team Member toryland@kncdc.kr
    DANG, Hyunjin Team Member dang@kncdc.kr
    CHOI, Haewon Team Member hye@kncdc.kr
    KANG, Hyeran Intern ran@kncdc.kr
Production Crew T 02 3472 1436
  • LEE, Juhee Rehearsal Director juhee@kncdc.kr
    SIM, Narae Production coordinator sim@kncdc.kr
    YANG, Hajeong Intern ha03@kncdc.kr
    JO, Seongil Intern js1@kncdc.kr