Date 2020-07-10 ~ 2020-07-12
Time Fri 7:30PM Sat 3·7PM Sun 3PM(Sun: Online Screening)
Venue Seoul Arts Center Jayu Theater
Price 30,000won
Age Group Above 8 years old
Contact 02-3472-1420
7.10.Fri 7:30pm | 7.11.Sat 3pm YouTube(Click)

7.12.Sun 3pm Naver TV(Click)   |  V CLASSIC(Click)


A colorful range of contemporary dance met with diverse perspectives and various forms.

Sense of Black 360 |Hello, there | Hard Disck
Hwang Soohyun | Lim Setbyeol | Kim Chanu·Choi Yoonsuk

‘Step up’, a project developing sustainable dance repertories
Friday 10th July 2020 7:30pm Saturday 11th July 2020 3pm, 7pm (matinee and evening performance), Sunday 12th July 3pm

Sense of Black 360
is an extended version of its original performance which premiered in 2019. In the new performance choreographer Hwang Soohyun works to add depth of space, its density and layers of textures through reverberations of sound and its lingering traces. The audience will sense the space on stage from the perspective of the performer who has her eyes closed, where they will be presented with a performance where one sees not with the eyes but feels through the delicate sensations on the skin. Through sound, background noise and vibrations that ring through the theatre space, the choreographer intends to spread a peculiar dizzying feeling among the audience. Here the audience will get to experience the familiar, and yet unfamiliar, ‘sense of black.’

Hello, there
is a performance developed from the original piece which premiered in 2016. won the Jury Prize in the choreography contest of MasDanza in Spain which was followed by invitations from renown contemporary dance festivals in Czech Republic, Hungary and Italy, receiving much recognition. Using forms of greetings that people use to approach one another, Lim Setbyeol’s discusses one’s status shown on the exterior and the internal psychological state from a realistic point of view. While pointing out various problems of emotional labour, the performance reconfigures the emotions of the audience and offers them renewed awareness.

Hard Disck
“There’s no such thing as ‘the best position’ for the back or ‘the worst’ for the back. If one maintains a single position for a long period of time, that is the worst position.”
A few years ago, Kim Chanu’s life was as though it had suddenly come to a halt with symptoms of herniated disk. Having to spend most of the days lying down, Kim Chanu felt devastated. While at times he dwelled on his misfortune of having lost the freedom to move, he also spent his time seeking artistic potentials that were possibly hidden around him. With his previous works, ruminates on his life before and after his illness and recalls the sensations of movements that begin from a fragile body.

  • 검정감각 360
  • 안녕하신가요
  • 하드디스크
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