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Pallae: Womanhood Story

Pallae: Womanhood Story
Title Pallae: Womanhood Story
Date 2021-03-19 ~ 2021-03-21
Venue Seoul Arts Center Jayu Theater
Price R 40,000 S 30,000
Age Group Above 8 years old
Contact 02-3472-1420

On a sweltering midsummer night, a restless group of women assemble to do the laundry. At some point, the labor overlaps with play, the action of washing and drying transcends into the ritual of purification.

Pallae: Womanhood Story, one of the most well-known pieces from the repertoire of Nam Jeongho, the artistic director, illuminates a contemporary perspective on labor, kinship and sense of community among women. After its premiere, Pallae: Womanhood Story has been invited to perform internationally, including in France and Russia, receiving acclaim from the local press, “a mundane process of doing the laundry transcended into a sublime scene, through the disposition of multiple acts with different implications”(Kommersant Daily, Russia)

As the first performance programmed for 2021 at the Korea National Contemporary Dance Company (KNCDC), Pallae: Womanhood Story will be brought back to the stage in a new adaptation, with unique, agile and dynamic performers.

Nam Jeongho
ChoreographerNam Jeongho
Choreography Assistant Lee Soyoung
Dancer·Movement Research Ku Eunhye, Park Yura, Lee Soyoung, Jeong Seoyun, Hong Jeehyun
Maskdance(Guest Artist) Park Insun
Dramaturge Kim Hiiock
Music·Composer Park Sungsun
Lighting Designer Ryou Backhee
Stage Designer Shin Seungryul
Costume Designer Kim Gyonginn
Production Stage Manager Kim Jimmy(Jimyung)


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