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This is Not a Game

This is Not a Game
Title This is Not a Game
Date 2021-10-22 ~ 2021-10-24
Venue Seoul Arts Center CJ Towol Theater
Contact 02-3472-1420
Ticketing Seoul Arts Center

A story about survival and death, accomplishment and emptiness

A new work by the KNCDC’s artistic director Nam Jeongho presented online in 2020.
Now This is Not a Game with greater depth will be put on the stage
to meet the audience with a new cast and a deeper storyline!

A struggle for survival in an uncertain future.
Are you fully ‘enjoying a game’ in your life?

Nobody knows what is going to happen every day. But people try to open their eyes again with an expectation for an uncertain ‘tomorrow.’ Whereas ‘survivals’ continue an endless fight, others who are pushed down disappear from the memories of survivals and expose themselves at times. What did they frustrate to achieve the goal of survival, throwing themselves into the battlefield in order to avoid the fall and disappearance? The blazing and glowing ring of survivals and another utopia of those who are out of the competition. In this irony, choreographer Nam Jeongho once again presents the value of a ‘game.’

  • 이것은 유희가 아니다
  • 이것은 유희가 아니다
  • 이것은 유희가 아니다
Nam Jeongho

Artistic Director Nam Jeongho was a member of the dance company Cie Jean-Gaudin in 1980 in France. After returning to Korea, while holding a position as a professor of the dance department at Kyungsung University in Busan, she founded the dance company ‘Zoom’ with which she actively pursued her creative endeavors. Nam Jeongho’s style of dance that stood out from the norm, during the era where much of contemporary dance in Korea was centered around American style of dance, is recognized to have opened up Korean contemporary dance to a new path. After establishment of School of Dance in Korea National University of Arts in 1996, she was invited as a professor of the Conducting program in the School of Dance and has contributed to training and developing talent in Korean contemporary dance until her retirement in 2018.

Dancer & Movement Research
  • Kim Keonjoong
  • Kim Seunghae
  • Kim Jihyung
  • Kim HyoShin
  • Song Yunjoo
  • Alessandro Navarro Barbeito
  • Watanabe Eri
  • Yun Hyeokjung
  • Jeong Darae
  • Cho Junhong
  • Ha Jihye
  • Hong Jeehyun
  • Kang Eunra(Understudy)
Choreographer Nam Jeongho
Choreography Assistant An Youngjun
Dancer & Movement Research Kim Keonjoong, Kim Seunghae, Kim Jihyung, Kim Hyoshin, Nam Jeongho, Song Yunjoo, Alessandro Navarro Barbeito, Watanabe Eri, Yun Hyeokjung, Jeong Darae, Cho Junhong, Ha Jihye, Hong Jeehyun
Understudy Kang Eunra
Music Composera Yoo Taesun
*Waltz Variation Yun Hayan(Shirosky) × Lee Juyeon
Stage Designer Lee Taesup
Stage Design Assistant Park eunhye
Lighting Designer Benjamin Schälike
Costume Designer Kwon Zayoung
Video Designer Kim Jangyeon
Outside Eye Kim Hiiock, Jang Su-mi
Production Stage Manager Lee Doyup
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