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Title Winterreise
Date 2021-12-03 ~ 2021-12-05
Time FRI 7:30PM SAT· SUN 3PM·7PM
Venue Seoul Arts Center Jayu Theater
Age Group Above 8 years old
Contact 02-3472-1420

As seasons change, life changes with the order of nature.
Winterreise depicting stories of three choreographers in omnibus form.

Winterreise to be portrayed in dance by dancers who have performed on stage for a long time. The show with the music of Schubert's "Winterreise" illuminates the lives of humans changing with the order of nature just as four seasons change. This year, the three choreographers - Kim Won, An Youngjun and Cha Jinyeob - will present an hommage to the body with accumulated time on stage based on their own stories in omnibus format.

  • 겨울 나그네
  • 겨울 나그네
  • 겨울 나그네
  • 겨울 나그네
  • 겨울 나그네
  • 겨울 나그네
Walked On Choreography_Kim Won

Walked On, the first piece of the show, has been inspired by 'Der Wegweiser,'('The Signpost') No.20 of Schubert's Winterreise. The work, which begins with a scene in which a person walking and wondering around the winter forest alone finds the signpost, actively imagines and amplifies a series of images through language and movement. While recitation of texts and movements of body pull, push and cross each other, it embodies the inner landscape of a person quietly walking towards a different direction.

A person is walking. The person is still walking even at the moment she suddenly stops. Time bends, is neatly folded and unfolds again. A strange face emerges from deep inside herself unexpectedly. Arms reach out from the back of a frozen mirror. A strange voice whispers, pushing the back. The person has to go forward. One more step. Feet go up in the air.

An Uncomfortable Reception Choreography_An Youngjun

An Uncomfortable Reception, which is a variation of 'Im Dorfe,'('In the Village') No.17 of Winterreise, tells a story from the viewpoint of a person living in a village instead of that of a wanderer. The appearance of a wanderer, whose identity is unknown, in the village that has been visited by few outsiders for a long time makes villagers nervous and afraid. This work shows a different quality of movement through variations using a turntable and electronic music.

Keep barking at the wonderer, you dogs who are awake,
so that I am not disturbed while I am sleeping.
The end of all my dreams is still far away...

Horizontal Balance Choreography_Cha Jinyeob

Horizontal Balance is a piece inspired by No.10 'Rast,'('Rest') No.15 'Die Krähe,'('The Crow') and No.24 'Der Leiermann,'('The Hurdy-Gurdy Man') of Winterreise. In No.10 'Rast,'('Rest') the technique of 'time stretching' to stretch the time of sound is used. The piece encapsulated by such keywords as 'pause' and 'rest' brings rest to the space using 'time stretching technology as if it makes time stay still.'

Horizontality bends its body to keep a balance. Simultaneous and interactive eyes of love turn towards a distant place in parallel with each other.
The horizon seen from a distance does not lean to one side. This end is my right eye, while that end is my left eye. So I hope the two lines will not get too far from each other while going on endlessly. Hopefully, the two will be able to meet each other. I keep watching to see if my mind goes towards where my eyes go.


Title Song Name Music
Intro No.1 'Gute Nacht' Bass
Walked On
(Choreography: Kim Won)
No.4 'Erstarrung' Piano
No.20 'Der Wegweiser' Accordion Arrangement Choe Uzong
  No.5 'Der Lindenbaum' Bass
An Uncomfortable Reception
(Choreography: An Youngjun)
No.17 'Im Dorfe' Orfeo, 1983
*Kurt Moll(Bass) Cord Garben(Piano)
Electronic Sound Arrangement & Composition Boo Dahae
Horizontal Balance
(Choreography: Cha Jinyeob)
No.10 'Rast' Recording&Sound Recording&Sound Design
Kim Mina, Kim Youngsun
No.15 'Die Krähe' Piano
No.24 'Der Leiermann' Bass
Kim Won
Kim Won

Born in Jeonju in 1963, Kim Won, who majored in dance at Ewha Womans University, has been working as a performing artist or a dance educator for approximately 35 years since her graduation from the university in 1985. Kim has focused on finding movement transcending formalized and pre-set choreography to search for the essence of 'free and pure' movement of the body. Her creative work of creating and developing ideas based on deep knowledge of dance has been appraised as 'concrete experience, unambiguous abstraction, a dazzling control of the body as well as clear dance with a message.' She has also received a number of awards such as Isadora Duncan Dance Awards, Best Dancer Award, Today's Dancer Prize, Award for Best Newcomer Contemporary Dancer and Presidential Award among others. Recently, Kim has actively participated in a variety of domestic and international dance festivals and performing arts events as a member of TanztheatreOnes, a dance troupe whose members autonomously collaborate based on their own expertise while looking for free imagination that breaks the barriers of genre as well as the artistic value of a new direction.


An Youngjun

An Youngjun

An Youngjun has served as the founder and leader of the dance company, Physical Design Project Company(PDPC). Seeing all physical spaces from the perspective of design, PDPC adds sketches to the space using the body and colors it with sound and light. Thinking of the human body as a tool of spatial composition, the Company is founded on the philosophy that 'The body is finally constructed in a space.'

There is no metaphor in An Youngjun's rhetoric. It has no lyricism or wrapping to make things look beautiful. (...) His movement is fast and radical enough to take a risk. He improved the quality of the work through countless repetitions of closely connected movements just like a musical score with small notes without a rest. - Dance Critic Chang Injoo -

Among his major works of choreography are Like Family Bottom Ground, Don't Sigh, Recall 90s, Intuition, Crack, 6th Movement, Over There, and ...Flowing Out. An is also a contemporary dancer who won the first prize in the contemporary male solo class at Paris International Dance Competition in 2000.


Cha Jinyeob

Cha Jinyeob

Cha Jinyeob has explored the diversity and possibility of art, breaking away from the notion of existing forms of performing arts on the basis of contemporary dance. Since Cha founded the creative art group, collective A, in 2012, she has pursued art without boundaries while creating freely without being constrained by space, genre, form and medium and has examined the three-dimensional value of art. She has been committed to expanding the scope of her dance through collaboration with artists of different genres and using multiple media, and has continued a multifaceted approach to and exploration of dance language. Her major works include Body-Go-Round, MIIN-Body to Body, Rotten Apple and Riverrun. Cha's work centering around women including herself, femininity and the world surrounding the body in order to connect outside and inside of the body, constantly asking a question about existence through body and movement. She is in pursuit of an artistic life to keep life and art complementary to each other in a horizontal relationship.

Walked On
  • Kim Won(
    Kim Won
  • Han Sookhyun
    Han Sookhyun
An Uncomfortable Reception
  • An Youngjun
    An Youngjun
  • Park Sihan
    Park Sihan
Horizontal Balance
  • Cha Jinyeob
    Cha Jinyeob
  • Kim Jiuk
    Kim Jiuk
Music Director
  • Choe Uzong
    Choe Uzong
  • Moon Jongin
    Moon Jongin
  • Han Haeyeol
    Han Haeyeol
  • Kim Somi
    Kim Somi
Walked on
Choreographer   Kim Won
Cast   Kim Won, Han Sookhyun(N
Text   Han Sookhyun
Arrangement   Choe Uzong
An Uncomfortable Reception
Choreographer   An Youngjun
Cast   An Youngjun, Park Sihan
Arrangement & Composition   Boo Dahae
Horizontal Balance
Choreographer   Cha Jinyeob
Cast   Cha Jinyeob, Kim Jiuk
Recording & Sound Design   Kim Youngsun, Kim Mina
Director Nam Jeongho
Music Director Choe Uzong
Musician Piano Moon Jongin, Bass Han Haeyeol, Accordion Kim Somi
Stage Designer Kim Jongseok
Lighting Designer Kim Keonyoung
Sound Director Lee Dongjune
Production Stage Manager Jo Eunjin
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