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After One Year

After One Year
Title After One Year
Date 2021-06-04 ~ 2021-06-06
Time Fri 19:30, Sat 15:00 19:30, Sun 15:00
Venue Seoul Arts Center CJ Towol Theater

Time that has stopped. What was filled and disappeared during the last one year in your life?

An unavoidable attack of the virus has dominated the reality, shaking our daily lives.;
This performance questions the ‘survival’ of artists living in this age of confusion,
and focuses on the ‘crack’ made by unusualness and the views created in this crevice.

How to narrow the gap between the time that keeps going forward and the reality that has stopped?
Kwon Lyoneun, Kim Bora and Lali Ayguadé meet the audience with their choreographic works after a time of thought
based on their own experiences, environments and perspectives.

Tiny Round Clumsy Kwon Lyoneun

Choreographer Kwon Lyoneun spent the last one year thinking of how to survive in this society as an artist making a living through art. The cuteness seen in this piece is a survival strategy to protect the species of artists as the subjects of social care, especially the individual dancers. Please come and see this performance of tiny, round and clumsy motions aimed to make you smile.

dot. Kim Bora

Seeing all kinds of time and space as ’dots,’ Kim Bora pays attention to their continuous transformation. Then senses are the means of perception as well as the key to transformation. A new creation and transformation of space followed by the transformation of perception through senses – This is the time that the choreographer says. In this work, Kim Bora embodies the process of the transformation of time and space starting from a ‘dot’ and deals with another transformation that it generates in the body.

Sublimation *Dance Film Lali Ayguadé

The performance choreographed by the Spanish choreographer Lali Ayguadé, originally scheduled to premiere in 2020, will be postponed by two years due to the aggravation of the COVID-19 situation. Amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, contactless online collaboration, which has recently become an alternative platform in the performing arts scene, is attempted in this work. The choreographer and dancers try to find the ignition point occurring between contact and non-contact through online remote workshops. The documentary video that records this process poses a question to the choreographer, dancers and audience about the ‘present that each has been going through.’

Kwon Lyoneun

Choreographer Kwon Lyoneun seeks to discover the true meaning of movement and the subjective body in social phenomena and structure.
At the 2015 Korea National Contemporary Dance Company’s choreography LAB program, Kwon presented "Mom-meom-mum-mam," which explores under the theme of "A Perspective on the Body Viewed Through the History of Korean Contemporary Dance." Since then, the work has been further developed into "Glory," which tracks the way the "body" is dealt with within Korea’s military exemption system in concours, and it was performed at Danse Élargie in France in 2016 and the Korea National Contemporary Dance Company in 2017.
Kwon was selected for the dance category for 2019 Arco Partner, and released "You Are So Fine Wherever You Go.” With the question, "Why do we gather around to dance?” Kwon cast light on the stage as a public space, and incorporated K-pop random play dance game and tour bus dance into the stage to observe the stance of dance and body in the “transient game culture in the community” created as a result.
Kwon participated in the Seoul Museum of Art's 2020 exhibition performance "This Event" and presented "Dance Demands Rhythm (DDR)." This job required Kwon to explore new possibilities of dance, while finding out as to whether the dance simulation game, DDR (Dance Dance Revolution), can be performed, going beyond the dance and score with movements instructed by an arrow symbol system and how to transform ourselves into a performer during practice.
Kwon majored in contemporary dance and creation at Hanyang University and the Korea National University of Arts School of Dance, and is currently working as a choreographer, dancer and performer based in Seoul.

Kim Bora

Kim Bora works as art director and choreographer for Art Project BORA, and Kim's choreography explores the work that breaks the concept of genre and space with the body as the main principal to discover the unique image and sense of transformation.
Kim has won eight awards at home and abroad, including Best Work awarded by the Korean Association of Dance Critics, and has been invited to 33 cities in 23 countries around the world.
The choreography "Somoo" was invited to the Open Look Festival in Russia to mark the 2020 ROK-Russia Year of Mutual Exchange.
In 2019, Kim was also invited for her works "Tail Language" and "Gaksi.” "Somoo" was staged at the Buenos Aires Contemporary Dance Festival in Argentina through an invited online performance in 2020 and a workshop was also held. In 2019, Kim's works "Somoo" and "A Long Talk to Oneself" were presented at The Place Theater in London, UK, while "Muak" was invited in 2021.
In 2018, she co-choreographed "Restriction, Body and Time" with British choreographer Marc Brew as the closing performance of the 2017-18 ROK-UK Year of Mutual Exchange. In 2016, "Somoo" was invited to the Seine-Saint-Denis Festival (formerly the Bagnolet Dance Festival) to mark the 130th anniversary of ROK-France's bilateral exchange. In 2014, Kim's "A Long Talk to Oneself” was staged at the Seine-Saint-Denis Festival.
In addition, Kim has been invited to Mexico's Festival Internacional Cervantino, one of the world's four major cultural and artistic festivals, for her “Tail Language" and "A Long Talk to Oneself" (2015), attracting global attention as a choreographer.


Lali Ayguadé

Lali Ayguadé, founder of the Lali Ayguadé Company in 2013, has been creating works at the request of a number of dance companies, such as Bodhi Project and Verve. Born in Catalonia, Ayguadé is a professional dancer with extensive international experience. Ayguadé has previously worked as part of the Hofesh Shechter Company and the Akram Khan Company. As a choreographer, Ayguadé has created a wide variety of works. Especially, the duo "Incognito” inspired some of the choreography of Juanjo Giménez's short film "Timecode," which was also nominated for an Oscar.
Ayguadé produced a trilogy that demonstrated an original exploration of the concept of identity and showcased its first part, "Kokoro," in 2015. Following the second part, "iU an Mi" in 2017, the trilogy was concluded with "Hidden" in 2020. The Lali Ayguadé Company offers a platform for a myriad of artistic collaborations with choreographers, such as Guilhem Chatir in "Here," and Joana Gomila, Magi Serra, Santi Careta, and Laia Laia Vallès in "Sa Mateiza."

Tiny Round Clumsy
  • Kwon Yejin
  • Kim Sunju
  • Kim Seungrok
  • Lee Minjin
  • Lee Eunkyung
  • Lee Hak
  • Park Sangmi
  • Choi Soyoung
  • Lee Hyeji
  • Park Seonhwa
  • Yang Jiyeon
  • Baik Sori
  • Kim Heejun
  • Kang Seongryong
Sublimation *Dance Film
  • Kwon Yohan
  • Ryu Jinwook
  • Seo Dongsol
  • Son Jimin
  • Yu Jaesung
  • Lee Daeho
  • Jung Jaewon
  • Jeong Cheolin
Tiny Round Clumsy
Choreography Kwon Lyoneun
Music Jimmy Sert
Lighting Design Yu Sunghee
Costume Design Jeong Hojin(Paus artisanal)
Dramaturgie Son Okju
Dance Kwon Yejin, Kim Sunju, Kim Seungrok, Lee Minjin, Lee Eunkyung, Lee Hak
Choreography Kim Bora
Choreography Assistance Park Sangmi
Stage Design Kim Jongseok
Sound Kayip
Lighting Design Kim Junghwa
Rehearsal Director Choi Soyoung
Dance & Movement Research Park Sangmi, Choi Soyoung, Lee Hyeji, Park Seonhwa, Yang Jiyeon, Baik Sori, Kim Heejun, Kang Seongryong
Sublimation *Dance Film
Choreography Lali Ayguadé
Dance Kwon Yohan, Ryu Jinwook, Seo Dongsol, Son Jimin, Yu Jaesung, Lee Daeho, Jung Jaewon, Jeong Cheolin
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