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(Dance for Children and Adolescents) In the Land of Punctuation

(Dance for Children and Adolescents) In the Land of Punctuation
Title (Dance for Children and Adolescents) In the Land of Punctuation
Date 2021-12-10 ~ 2021-12-12
Time FRI 7:30PM SAT· SUN 3PM·7PM
Venue Seoul Arts Center Jayu Theater
Price All seats 30,000won
Age Group Above 8 years old
Contact 02-3472-1420

Full stop. Exclamation mark! (Bracket) Question mark?
The story unfolds as the punctuations become the main characters
Korea National Contemporary Dance Company’s new dance piece for children and young adults,
In the Land of Punctuation

Imagine a land where punctuations such as full stops, commas, the brackets and question marks exist as protagonists of a story. As a picture book, In the Land of Punctuation(poetry by Christian Morgenstern and illustration by Rathna Ramanathan) plays around with the compositional elements of punctuations to complete the dramatic narrative created with unique graphic design and poetic expression. This performance, inspired by a picture book, unfolds the narrative of the punctuations on stage interpreted by choreographer Jung Youngdoo, delivered through the bodies and movements of the dancers. The delicate yet playful forms of movement by choreographer Jung Youngdoo, the stimulating art and costumes based on the vivid images from the original illustration by designer Jung Minsun, and the music performed with two different pianos by composer Sheen Dongil, all combine to bring audiovisual pleasure to the audience members. This contemporary dance performance will not only be appealing to the children and young audience, but also with their entire family members.

*In the Land of Punctuation is a performance based on a picture book of the same title by Tara Books, translated and published in Korea by BORIM PRESS.

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Jung Youngdoo
Jung Youngdoo Jung Youngdoo

Jung Youngdoo is a choreographer who emphasizes the temporality and formativeness of the human body. Jung persist on exploring the delicate movements of the human body.

Jung has been active as director and art director of the Doo Dance Theater since 2003. Jung's major works include "Not Coming Down" and "Uncomfortable One" (2003), "Unsweet Air" (2004), "Empty White Body" (2006), "Gido" (2007), "The 7th Human" (2010), "The Man who Thinks First - The Fire of Prometheus" (2013), "Fuga" (2015), "Symphony In C" (2018), "Dawn" and "Post Apartment" (2019), and "Unreachable" (2020).

  • Kang Dasom
    Kang Dasom
  • Kim Suin
    Kim Suin
  • Jin Zhiyuan
    Jin Zhiyuan
  • Roh Yeseul
    Roh Yeseul
  • Yum Joungyun
    Yum Joungyun
  • Lee Gyeongjin
    Lee Gyeongjin
  • Yi Yeji
    Yi Yeji
  • Lee Youjin
    Lee Youjin
  • Jung Logyee
    Jung Logyee
  • Joo Junghyun
    Joo Junghyun
Choreographer Jung Youngdoo
Choreography Asistant Jung Logyee
Movement Co-creation
Dancer Kang Dasom , Kim Suin, Jin Zhiyuan, Roh Yeseul,Yum Joungyun, Lee Gyeongjin, Yi Yeji, Lee Youjin, Jung Logyee, Joo Junghyun
Music Sheen Dongil
Pianist Shin Eunkyoung, An Jia
Stage·Costume Design Jung Minsun
Technical Director Eo Kyoungjun
Stage Manager Lee Doyup
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