Date 2019-08-30 ~ 2019-09-01
Venue Seoul Arts Center CJ Towol Theater
Price R 50,000won S 40,000won A 20,000won
Age Group Above 8 years old
Contact 02-3472-1420
SWING Again! SWING the show that made a record of selling out in 2018 returns

“A dance performance which feels like you’re watching a musical”
-Chosun Ilbo-

“It’s as if you are inside a jazz club in a classic hollywood movie.”

Scoring in both entertainment and artistic qualities, last year’s much talked about performance by the Artistic Director Ahn Sungsoo’s Swing returns.
Unravelling the rhythm and energy of swing music with contemporary movements, there will be yet another occasion to rediscover the ‘new taste of swing.
’The performance presents a rhythmical and lively dance by Korea National Contemporary Dance Company with delightfully energetic live performance by the Swedish jazz band Gentlemen & Gangsters.
As if in a movie and in a concert, let’s enjoy the show of exuberant energy overflowing from its dance and music!

Key1. The six-man Swedish swing jazz band Gentlemen & Gangsters
Like its name meaning “all the flair and sophistication of true gentlemen, coupled with the ruthless brutality of hardened gangsters,
” Gentlemen & Gangsters play bold yet sophisticated music such as well-loved swing jazz classics like In the Mood, Mack the Knife and Sing Sing Sing with this year’s newly added song, Sunday.
Once surrounded by their traditional New Orleans Hot Jazz style Swing music, the audience will fall instantly into a world of a classic Hollywood movie.

Key2. Korea National Contemporary Dance Company showing their caliber at its peak
With outstanding technique and delicate expressions, KNCDC reveals a feast of youthful energy through impassioned dance.
It’s a show where one can see the exuberance of KNCDC presented by flamboyant and diverse dances to swing music with group dances and duets.

Key3. The invitation to a passionate swing party, will you join us?
The energy exchanged between the musicians and dancers will naturally spread to the audience.
Before you realize, the performance hall overflowing with energy fuelled dance and music will turn the place into an enormous swing jazz club.
As you watch the show, you will find yourself moving to the music

Performance Clips
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Choreography Ahn Sungsoo
Music Gentleman & Gangsters
Lighting Design Jang Jinyoung
Costume Design Jung Minsun
Dancer Kim Minji, Kim Minjin, Kim Seungwoo, Kim Hyun, Park Hweeyeon, Bae Hyosub, Seo Bokwon, Seo Ilyoung,
Sung Changyong, Sohn Daeminn, An Namkeun, Lee Yujin, Lee Juhee, Jeong Seoyun, Jo Hagyung, Chun Jongwon
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