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Ssang-Ssang by choreographer Marcos Morau

Ssang-Ssang by choreographer Marcos Morau
Title Ssang-Ssang by choreographer Marcos Morau
Date 2019-07-19 ~ 2019-07-21
Venue CJ Towol Theater of Seoul Arts Center
Price R seats 50,000 / S seats 40,000 / A seats 20,000
Age Group Above 8 years old
Contact 02-3472-1420

The Korea National Contemporary Dance Company (Artistic Director Ahn Sungsoo) has invited Spanish choreographer Marcos Morau and commissioned choreography to present the world premiere of new work Ssang-Ssang. As part of its annual project, the Korea National Contemporary Dance Company has invited foreign artists to explore new styles of choreography and share them with the domestic audience. Morau’s choreography is currently attracting great attention on the international dance scene, including Europe, due to his original language, crossing numerous genres including film, literature, music, painting, and photography. The Korea National Contemporary Dance Company held an open audition to add polish to the quality of the performance, selecting Korean dancers to appear in the work. Kova, the essence of Morau's art world, will also be included in the performance program. Let’s look forward to encountering the beautifully unfamiliar world of Morau, filled with his signature fantastic images.

Kova, the Essence of Morau's Art World
“The beautiful and the monstrous - it does not renounce any of them.”

Kova is a piece that features 'La Veronal' dance company(founder: Marcos Morau)'s own styles and characteristics. It presents a harmonious mix of the two conflicting genres complementing each other, while blending an abstract energy of contemporary dance with flamenco. As the choreographer puts it, "without renouncing the beautiful and the monstrous," the work shows an exquisite arrangement of opposing elements. This duet, serving as a 'prelude' of this performance, will be an excellent guide that immerses the audience into the world of Morau's art.

Ssang-Ssang, An Invitation to an Extraordinary Aesthetic Experience
“The beauty created by countless 'pairs' and the darkness behind it.“

Have you ever felt a dark and intensive thrill at the realization that your reflection in the mirror is simultaneously both yourself and not yourself? Ssang-Ssang grasps the beauty and the darkness hidden within and endless series of ssangs (pairs). Like images from a Rorschach test,* the symmetrical beings parading on the stage fill the space with their calmness and harmony. However, the beautiful dream is interrupted by memories of which we had not been consciously aware, revealing things that had been hidden. The audience will be treated to an extraordinary aesthetic experience that will leave them feeling oddly unsettled, ultimately longing for the thrill they felt at the beginning.

*A test to diagnose a psychological conditions based on what a symmetrical pattern of meaningless ink spots looks like

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  • 무용학시리즈 vol. 2.5: 트랜스포메이션
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Marcos Morau
  • 2019 Ssang-Ssang
  • 김민진
    Kwon Eunki
  • 김성우
    Kim Seoyoun
  • 김현
    Kim Esl
  • 매튜리치
    Roh Yeseul
  • 박휘연
    Son Eungyo
  • 배효섭
    Song Yunjoo
  • 서보권
    Lee Seungju
  • 성창용
    Lee Seahyun
  • 손대민
    Im Jongkyung
  • 안남근
    Jang Seoyi
  • 이상민
    Jang Solyn
  • 이유진
    Jeong Kyuyeon
  • 이주희
    Hwang Gyeongmi
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