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Traces of Black Sand

Traces of Black Sand
Title Traces of Black Sand
Date 2019-11-01 ~ 2019-11-03
Time Fri 8PM Sat·Sun 3PM
Venue Seoul Arts Center CJ Towol Theater
Price R 50,000won S 30,000won A 20,000won B 10,000won
Age Group At least 8 years old
Contact 02-3472-1420
Dance and music, the magic of chance
2019 New work of Korea National Contemporary Dance Company Artistic Director, Ahn Sungsoo

Dance | Exploring the aestheticism of coincidence
Traces of Black Sand is a piece that reveals choreographer Ahn Sungsoo's particular indulgences.
In this piece, Ahn begins by exploring the natural innate beauty of the dancers and finds the points of coincidence between the language of the body and the voice of the music.

Music | New sounds drawn with Korea traditional instruments
Ra Yesong, the composer and music director of Traces of Black Sand has come to be Ahn's musical companion through past collaborations: Music for Rites-The Afterimages of the Rose and Pilgrimage.
Her new piece of music, based on Korean traditional instruments specifically written for the piece, let the piece captures the true sense of the movements in a sensual manner.

Memory | Time with layering of coincidence
Coincidence leaves a mark on time. Just as an array of coincidences fill the time duration of a solid rock turning and turning until it is dispersed as a handful of sand,
coincidences marked in time make our individual existence pure and true. Therefore, we are all participants in the magic of such coincidental actions.

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  • 검은 돌: 모래의 기억
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Ahn Sungsoo

Ahn's work boasted sophisticated choreography and coherent movement analysis based on his outstanding musical sensitivity.
Ahn does not confine his work to genre barriers separating ballet, contemporary dance, Korean traditional dance, and other forms.
He analyzes the characteristics of each form, so he can break them down and reconstruct their elements to form a new cohesive performance.
This approach and the pieces he has produced using the approach have been well received both at home and abroad.



Composer·Music Director


Ra Yesong

From middle school years, composer Yesong Ra was educated at an institution specialising in Korean traditional music.
As a creator living the contemporary era, she has a deep concern about the traditional music and artistic creation.
Ra introduces herself as the “traditional music creator” who despises artwork which only deploys the exterior of traditional music or only aims for social recognition and self-exhibitionism.


Lighting Designer Kim Keonyoung
Sound Director Oh Younghun
Dancers Kim Minji, Kim Minjin, Kim Seungwoo, Kim Hyun, Park Hweeyeon, Bae Hyosub, Seo Bokwon, Seo Ilyoung, Sung Changyong, An Namkeun, Lee Youjin, Jeong Seoyun, Jo Hagyung, Chun Jongwon
Musicians Khoe Jinho, Bae Seungbin, Lee Youkyung, Hongsangjin, Hongyejin


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