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Dance for Children Rudolph

Dance for Children Rudolph
Title Dance for Children Rudolph
Date 2019-12-07 ~ 2019-12-17
Time Tue·Thu·Sat·Sut 3PM Wed·Fri 11AM (Additional open on Dec.17 11AM)
Venue Seoul Arts Center Jayu Theater
Age Group Above 48 months

:: Ticket Open ::
9.26(목) 오후 2시 선오픈 / 9.27(금) 오후 2시 일반오픈

A Christmas adventure with the dancing monkey, Rudolph Join him as he journeys towards his dream!
This December the Korea National Contemporary Dance Company will stage a special new production, Rudolph, created especially for children. The production follows the adventures of a timid monkey named Rudolph as he meets new friends and experiences a whole new world. This exciting story of adventure combined with innovative contemporary dance will inspire infinite imagination and courage in the hearts of the children in the audience. Going one step further, during the performance the young audience members will be invited to participate in the show with the dancers, allowing them to become more fully engaged with the story. The lively movements and beautiful image of Rudolph, to be staged at the Seoul Arts Center, make it a special Christmas gift for any family.

Shall we listen to the story of Rudolph?
Deep in the forest there lives a young monkey. This monkey, who always carries colorful socks, a green tree and a little cart with him, is called “Rudolph.”
One day, Rudolph decides to leave the forest to look for his Christmas present. Ignoring the advice of the grandma tiger living next door, Rudolph bravely sets out on his journey alone.
Although he goes through a scary forest of crocodiles and manages to swim to the deep dark sea, he gets lost in the course of helping some friends. But finally, our brave monkey Rudolph continues his journey with the help of the friends he met along the way.
Rudolph is looking forward to a happy Christmas! Children, why don’t you come along with us on this journey?

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Lee Kyunggu

Choreographer Lee Kyunggu,
touches people’s hearts with a lyrical story

Lee Kyunggu created not only the choreography for this work, but also wrote the story of the monkey Rudolph.
With this work, Lee, whose works showcase words, songs and even rap songs in addition to a wide range of diverse dance moves onstage,
will unveil a new attempt to surpass the boundaries of storytelling and contemporary dance.



Interactive Design and Engineering



TPO, an interactive Italian theatre company,
renowned for its creative mise-en-scène

The TPO company consists of artists and expert technicians who are specialists in creating performances for children.
TPO has continued to create works for children that feature special ways of enhancing interaction between performers and audience.
Beautiful images projected onstage as well as creative methods of encouraging communication with members of the audience will make the story of Rudolph more vivid and spectacular.



Dramaturgy Ji Kyungmin
Music Rémi Klemensievicz
Performer Lee Kyunggu, Park Sojin, Lee Yeonju, Lim Seongeun


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