Date 2018-04-20 ~ 2018-04-22
Time 20:00 on weekdays, 15:00 on weekends
Venue Arts Center CJ Towol Theater
Price R 50,000won / S 40,000won / A 20,000won
Contact 02-3472-1400
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Sweden's heartless gents in "Off-Beat" meets AHN Sungsoo's "Let's Dance!"

A clash of ages and borderlines in Swing, new work by Artistic Director AHN Sung-soo. One hallmark of AHN Sungsoo's new creative works is the special chemistry he creates with the live musicians who play for his works, this time a swing jazz band from Sweden. The full-season dancers of the Korea National Contemporary Dance Company, with their virtuosic technique and refined expressive ability and sweet rythmic dancing meet the six-member traditional New Orleans hot jazz band, Gentlemen & Gangsters in an explosion of unstoppable dance. This performance by the Korea National Contemporary Dance Company promises to be a collaboration with great variety, with Gentlemen & Gangsters playing well-loved swing jazz classics like In the Mood, All of Me, Mack the Knife and Sing, Sing, Sing in company with new style jazz works including Bugsy and Ljubljana Swing, all with their special blend of wild abandon and sophisticated skill.

Choreography AHN Sungsoo
Music Gentlemen & Gangsters

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AHN, Sungsoo
  • 2017 Reflection of Roses
  • 2016 Immixture
  • 2015 Swan of Tuonela
  • 2014 2 in Two, Art of evolution, Tournament
  • 2013 Altar
  • 2012 Poise
  • 2012 Double exposure
  • 2010 Body Concerto
  • 2009 Rose-the Rite of Spring, Mating Dance
  • 2007 Outline
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  • 김민진
    Minjin Kim
  • 김성우
    Seungwoo Kim
  • 김현
    Hyun Kim
  • 매튜리치
    Matthew Min Rich
  • 박휘연
    Hweeyeon Park
  • 배효섭
    Hyosub Bae
  • 서보권
    Bokwon Seo
  • 성창용
    Changyong Sung
  • 손대민
    Deaminn Sohn
  • 안남근
    Namkeun An
  • 이상민
    Sangmin Lee
  • 이유진
    Yujin Lee
  • 이주희
    Juhee Lee
  • 정서윤
    Seoyun Jeong
  •  정윤정
    Yungeong Jeong
  •  최수진
    Soojin Choi
  • 홍호림
    Horim Hong
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