Executive Office

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Administrative Director
  • KIM, Cheol kcl1234@kncdc.kr
Planning and Management Team
  • SONG, YoungchulTeam Leader culturefo@kncdc.kr
    KANG, Jungwoo Team Member kang@kncdc.kr
    PARK, Seungbeen Team Member been@kncdc.kr
    LEE, Gyunghwa Team Member ghlee@kncdc.kr
    LEE, Yena Team Member yenalee@kncdc.kr
    JUNG, Sungmin Team Member blueuni@kncdc.kr
Programming and Production Team
  • GWAK, Ahram Team Leader ahram@kncdc.kr
    KWON, Soorim Team Member rim@kncdc.kr
    KIM, Minha Team Member minha@kncdc.kr
    PAIK, Katherine Kyungmin Team Member kp@kncdc.kr
    SEONG, Heeju Team Member shj@kncdc.kr
    LEE, Dahee Team Member daheel@kncdc.kr
    LEE, Sang Team Member sang24@kncdc.kr
    LEE, Juyeon Team Member ju@kncdc.kr
    HWANG, Sumin Team Member sumin96@kncdc.kr
PR and Marketing Team
  • LEE, Jeongeun Team Leader el@kncdc.kr
    KO, Youjin Team Member yj@kncdc.kr
    KIM, Boyeon Team Member bykim@kncdc.kr
    KIM, Jiyeon Team Member kjy@kncdc.kr
    LEE, Soyun Team Member syun@kncdc.kr
    HAN, Sungjoo Team Member joo@kncdc.kr
Dancehouse TF Team
  • KANG, DukyunTeam Leader emjwoo@kncdc.kr
    GIL, Minhee Team Member miniten@kncdc.kr
    PARK, Haeun Team Member grace@kncdc.kr
    SON, Suyeon Team Member suyeon@kncdc.kr