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Korea National Contemporary Dance Company

Established in 2010, the Korea National Contemporary Dance Company (KNCDC) is Korea's only national contemporary dance company. Through dance created in collaboration with artists with exceptional creative capacities, KNCDC aspires to create Korean contemporary dance which tells stories of history, society and daily lives of contemporaneity that can be appreciated across regions and by all generations. Following the first artistic director Hong Seungyup, the second artistic director Ahn Aesoon, and the third artistic director Ahn Sungsoo, in February 2020 choreographer Nam Jeongho succeeded as the 4th artistic director of KNCDC.

As an organization that specializes in creation of new productions, KNCDC seeks to realise diverse contemporary values in dance performances. KNCDC produces productions by inviting choreographers with authentic artistic directions and selecting most suitable dancers for each project. Furthermore, by protecting the rights of the artists, KNCDC enables artists to freely express individuality within the dance company’s stable system.

KNCDC continues to work to provide the best environment for dance where the artists and audience can grow together. And as a platform where artists and audiences meet, the company hopes to form a healthy ecosystem where diverse values can coexist. Moreover, KNCDC plans to enrich the lives of citizens through their experiences with dance at close proximity in their day to day life.