Korea National Contemporary Dance Company
Step Up
Title Step Up
Date 2021-07-03 ~ 2021-07-11
Time FRI 7:30PM SAT 3·7PM SUN 3PM
Venue Seoul Arts Center Jayu Theater
Price 30,000won
Age Group Above 8 years old
Contact 02-3472-1420

<Step Up> is a project by KNCDC developing sustainable dance repertories since 2018. Three pieces showcased with the creators' original perspectives. This year’s <Step Up> brings on stage <Sense of Black 360> by Hwang Soohyun, <Dance is going somewhere by itself> by Lim Jee-Ae and <Was one man show> by Lee Insoo.

Dance is going somewhere by itself Lim Jee-Ae

Dance is going somewhere by itself, detached from a body. In this piece, the three performers―Lim Jee-Ae, a choreographer with Korean dance background, Kyong Soo Shin-Nolte from the Kaya Ensemble in Berlin and Daria Poczatek from the Hae-Eo-Hwa Dance Group, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan―are performing different versions of Korean dance while traversing through the memories and archives attached to a specific dance. Each layer of the performer’s experiences and memories reveal a body that conveys specific movement vocabularies beyond the hereditary and cultural boundaries.

Sense of Black 360 Hwang Soohyun

'Sense of Black 360' is a piece that senses body and space through vibrations of sound. The audience will sense the space on stage from the perspective of the performer who has her eyes closed, where they will be presented with a performer who has her eyes closed, where they will be presented with a performance where one sees not with the eyes but feels through the delicate sensations on the skin. Through sound, background noise and vibrations that ring through the theatre space, the choreographer Hwang Soohyun intends to spread a peculiar dizzying feeling among the audience. Here the audience will get to experience the familiar, and yet unfamiliar, ‘sense of black.’

Was one man show Lee Insoo

'Was one man show' is a story of a man stuck in a past moment. Other's time flows with the temporal current, but this man's time is suspended, at a certain time in the past. In that 'moment' where the man lingers, nothing is aging, and nothing is changing. In other words, the 'eternal present' is persisted. This is an autobiographical piece by choreographer Lee Insoo, reflecting his investigation on the flow of time, based on his personal narrative.

Lee Insoo

Born and raised in Daegu, Lee Insoo graduated from Gyeongbuk Arts High School and the School of Dance at the Korea National University of Arts as a professional artist. As a student at the Korea National University of Arts, Lee was selected to perform as a member of the Emio Greco & PC Dance Company in the Netherlands and served as a regular member of the LDP dance company after graduation. Lee is currently active as director and choreographer of the EDx2 Dance Company. Lee's movements are based on the assets of hip-hop and modern dance, demonstrating a whole variety of movements and dance capabilities. Lee's works, which have adopted storytelling and dramatic techniques, are considered to hold both popularity and artistic value as the company has been requested to perform in 34 cities over 27 countries around the world.



Lim Jee-Ae

Lim Jee-Ae currently lives in Germany after majoring in Korean traditional dance and completing her master's degree at the Solo/Dance/Authorship(SODA) HZT/UdK Dance School in Berlin. Lim explores various contemporary meanings of tradition as well as Korean traditional dance through movements and choreographic experiments within the boundaries of performance. Lim's version of tradition is more of a creative space where criticism arises as an experimental substance rather than a tribute to the ghost of past and glory. Lim's leading works include <New Monster> and <Still Moving, Transition, Reprise>, a trilogy based on the theme of “memory of the body” as well as <The Story of Korean Dance>, <Your East, My Ghost>, <Mountains, Trees, Clouds and Tigers>. Lim has been selected in the German magazine Tanz as “Notable New Choreographer” and “12 Young Artists to Lead the Next Generation” by Auditorium magazine.



Hwang Soohyun

Hwang Soohyun has been exploring senses and perceptions in depth with a focus on how physical experience works between performing and viewing. In 2016, Hwang's performance <I want to cry, but I'm not sad> showcased in the Dawon Art Project “Unexpected,” a collaboration between the Korea National Contemporary Dance Company and the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, drew attention as an attempt to discover the mechanism of tears, capturing the connection and gap between crying and sadness and between senses all at the same time. In the <I contemplate what he feels> invited to the Seoul Marginal Theater Festival, Hwang recreated the immediate transition of bodily sensations into a performance to realize a series of senses that the choreographer has delved into with a unique and clear language. <Sense of Black 360> is an extension of this sensory exploration, during which Hwang seeks to showcase the sensation created by the sound vibration and the resonance of the theater space that echoes through the dancer's body.

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