Korea National Contemporary Dance Company
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Title HIP 合(HIP HOP)
Date 2021-08-20 ~ 2021-08-22
Venue CJ Towol Theater, Seoul Arts Center
Contact 02-3472-1420

A hip collaboration of contemporary dance,
street dance and gugak
presenting new works by Kim Boram, Kim Seoljin
and Lee Kyungeun

New works by three choreographers - Kim Boram, Kim Seoljin and Lee Kyungeun
- who have expanded the realm and possibility of contemporary dance

Contemporary dance which has been constantly renewed against orders,
Street dance that has expanded its realm while creating numerous methodologies,
And sound design based on gugak(Korean traditional music) marking the culmination of pleasure.

Nothing to Choreography_Kim Boram (Artistic Director, Ambiguous Dance Company)

"Nothing to shows there is 'no' meaning given to dance, exploring a primitive essence."

In Nothing to, Kim Boram questions 'why he, who is a choreographer himself, dances.' Kim will share his perspective on dance as a person who dances. Contemporary people live in a society in which emotions, thoughts and knowledge are complexly entangled, whereas people in the past communicated with expressions, shouts and gestures instead of language. Nothing to eliminates excessive meanings given by today's society in order to find primitive communication methods that we forgot. A gesture is not for an expression; a gesture itself becomes an expression. The choreographer suggests the theme of a perfect communication by recovering the sense of 'gesture,' not of 'dance.' Sound designer Choi Hyewon joins the work to showcase music based on Korean traditional sounds.

MOVER Choreography_Kim Seoljin (Artistic Director, Mover)

We create constantly changing 'character' in our own lives, while going through various personalities and roles through the relationships with various people. These character are given 'meaning' by observers, and 'misunderstandings' occur at times. Living in a self-centered fantasy, we become a character to each other.

The audience can also create a story with his or her own 'misunderstanding' as another observer. And it becomes the one and only story created by themselves in the world. Imaginary 'characters' evolve in a more enriching way so that they recognize, respect and share each other's interpretations.

BreAking Choreography_Lee Kyungeun (Artistic Director, LEE.K DANCE)

"Don't fit myself into the world. Do the other way around!"

The A-class world made by B-class ones. Break away from the fixed systems and limitations, and be the owner of the world with 'your own' rhythm and individuality. The work brings individuals who imagine, play and reconstruct the world to the stage. BreAking invites audiences to meet the feast of a number of 'myself' who break and mix the world, becoming the eye of a typhoon. Set to music by Lee Ilwoo, a member of the traditional Korean folk, post-rock band 'Jambinai,' five dancers working in the contemporary dance scene and three street dancers including DROP(Ko Joonyoung) of Uptown Family will take the audience into a trance.

Kim Boram Kim Boram

Kim Boram, a bearded man who has been highly active since 2007, is art director and choreographer of the Ambiguous Dance Company. Against the backdrop of a wide variety of dance genres, such as contemporary dance, hip-hop, street dance and ballet, Kim presents a new perspective on contemporary dance. Kim has returned to ‘Sound Before Music’ and ‘Body Before Dance’ to make choreographic attempts with unique musical interpretations, and these new attempts enable closer and deeper communication with the audience in the harmony between specific music and dance.

Recently, Kim collaborated with the band LEENALCHI for the song Tiger is Coming and worked with the Korea Tourism Organization to produce promotional videos, which has led him to communicate more actively with the public. Currently, Kim is working on presenting his new work along with the performance of repertoire works, and seeks to remain active in various fields. His leading works include Coexistence, Body Concert, The Rhythm of Human, Fever, Breathe, and Thoroughly and Desperately.



Kim Seoljin Kim Seoljin

Kim Seoljin, who was selected as the MVP in Mnet's entertainment program Dancing 9 (Season 2) and evokes a contemporary dance syndrome, won a special prize at the National Dance Competition in 2003 for Lucifer and won the grand prize in the dance category for Carnival of the Animals at the CJ Young Festival in 2006. In 2007, Kim was selected to perform for the free youth special dance performance of the Seoul Arts Center to showcase Three Stories and a Reflection. Kim has been working at the Belgian Peeping Tom Dance Company since the winter of 2008. Since 2014, Kim has been active as art director at his Mover Dance Company, and his recent choreography works include Dust Knot, Hi and Bye, Making Bolero, The Room, MARRAM and Japari.



Lee Kyungeun Lee Kyungeun

Lee Kyungeun, a choreographer who is strutting the world stage with unique dance ideas and tremendous stage manners. In 1996, Lee won the Rookie of the Year Award with her debut work Wavering Heart, promptly rising to the stardom as ‘a new rebel in the Korean dance circle.’ Subsequently, Lee was also selected as the ‘most promising next-generation choregrapher’ at the age of 29 in a ‘survey on the masters in the dance category’ published by the Dong-A Ilbo in 2003. For 20 years since 2002, Lee has remained attentive to her daily life as an art director and presented a new perspective. Lee is an outstanding choreographer who has raked in a number of prestigious dance awards at home and abroad since 1996 to this date in recognition of her choreographic skills demonstrated through more than 60 masterpieces.

Nothing to
  • Kim Boram
  • Gong Jisoo
  • Seo Bokwon
  • Sung Changyong
  • Yoo Dongin
  • Cho Youngbin
  • Jo Hyewon
  • Kim Seoljin
  • Kim Kisoo
  • Kim Bongsu
  • Seo Ilyoung
  • DROP
  • Babysleek
  • Kim Miri
  • Lim Jaehong
  • Kim Youngeun
  • Kim Hyunjoo
  • Kim Dongjoo
  • G1
HIP合 Credit
Nothing to
ChoreographyKim Boram
Choreography AssistanceLee Hyesang
DanceKim Boram, Gong Jisoo, Seo Bokwon, Sung Changyong, Yoo Dongin, Cho Youngbin, Jo Hyewon
MusicChoi Hyewon
Lighting DesignRyou Backhee
ChoreographyKim Seoljin
DanceKim Seoljin, Kim Kisoo, Kim Bongsu, Seo Ilyoung
MusicChoi Hyewon
Lighting DesignRyou Backhee
ChoreographyLee Kyungeun
DanceDROP, Babysleek, Kim Miri, Lim Jaehong, Kim Youngeun, Kim Hyunjoo, Kim Dongjoo, G1
MusicLee Ilwoo
Lighting DesignRyou Backhee
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