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Writing Using

Writing Using
Title Writing Using
Date 2022-04-01 ~ 2022-04-03
Venue Seoul Arts Center CJ Towol Theater
Price R 50,000won S 30,000won A 20,000won B 10,000won
Age Group Above 8 years old
Contact 02-3472-1420

Choreographer Ahn Aesoon’s new work, Writing Using,
presenting a new vision to the typicality of dance and stage
with an elastic movement, a refined sense of rhythm and an excellent use of space.

How are we seeing our own body?
The body changing in line with the demands of the times.
In an era where the body is lost in reality,
the work brings memories and sentiments
accumulated in the space and time of the body to the stage.

Ahn Aesoon’s new work titled Writing Using delves into the meaning of ‘using the body’ through the language of body, dealing with the phrase “to use the body” as a word like ‘to strive’. The Korean word ‘sseuda’ mainly meaning ‘using’ and ‘writing’ expands its meaning to include 'reading, interpreting, exhausting, abusing and instrumentalizing'.

'Using the body' becomes a keyword for thinking about the way we are seeing our own body and how the body builds relationships with others in a situation physical contact is forbidden in this time of pandemic and quarantine. This production keeps track of the process in which individual histories, memories, images and environments individualize a common movement based on basic movements that the body universally has.

Ahn Aesoon, who showcased works including Bulssang, AlreadyNotYet and Zero One Dimension while serving as artistic director of the Korea National Contemporary Dance Company(2013-2016), breaks the form of dance and reconstructs it, moving away from the conventional type of performance in a theatrical format. Furthermore, the choreographer explores how the emotional paths led by the body are habitualized and embodied and the way they become a cultural characteristic.

Writing Using

  • Writing Using
  • Writing Using
  • Writing Using
  • Writing Using
  • Writing Using
  • Writing Using
  • Writing Using
  • Writing Using
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  • Writing Using
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Ahn Aesoon

Ahn Ae-soon, a renowned Korean contemporary dancer and choreographer, has attempted to embody Korean identity and contemporaneity through her work. Based on Korean tradition and oriental view of aesthetics, she has been committed to creating and experimenting with contemporary dance in diverse ways. Ahn has also shown an outstanding ability to interpret and express dance from a contemporary perspective through observation and exploration of Korean beauty in her choreography. Furthermore, she has integrated an oriental playfulness into a specific concept of ‘play’ and has actively reflected it in her pieces on the basis of research on Korean movement while escaping from the existing Western technique and movement. Having developed into her own creative artistic view and methodology, such aspects became the foundation for shaping her unique world of dance. Ahn is recognized by critics as a choreographer, who succeeded in building her own distinct world of dance, for her unique style of choreography reflecting Korean sentiments, an excellent ability to organize space, an eye for selecting themes with sophisticated sense and insight, a concentration which fully draws individuality and functionality from dancers, as well as challenging and successful collaborations with various artists.

  • Kang Jinan
    Kang Jinan
  • Choi Minsun
    Choi Minsun
  • Cho HyeongJun
    Cho HyeongJun
  • Seo ilyoung
    Seo ilyoung
  • Kang Hojung
    Kang Hojung
  • Jung Jaewoo
    Jung Jaewoo
  • Park Seonhwa
    Park Seonhwa
  • Seo Bokwon
    Seo Bokwon
  • Park Yura
    Park Yura
  • Kim Dohyun
    Kim Dohyun
  • Doh Yunseung
    Doh Yunseung
Choreographer Ahn Aesoon
Dramaturg Kim Jiyon
Movement Coach Jang He Jin
Dancer Kang Jinan, Choi Minsun, Cho HyeongJun, Seo ilyoung, Kang Hojung, Jung Jaewoo, Park Seonhwa, Seo Bokwon, Park Yura, Kim Dohyun, Doh Yunseung
Music Composer · Sound Designer Pi Junghoon
Stage Designer Kim Jongseok
Costume Designer Im Seonoc
Lighting Designer Fujimoto Takayuki


Production Stage Manager Jo Eunjin


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