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In the Land of Punctuation

Dance for Children and Adolescents

Dance for Children and Adolescents In the Land of Punctuation
Title Dance for Children and Adolescents In the Land of Punctuation
Date 2022-05-14 ~ 2022-05-22
Venue Seoul Arts Center Jayu Theater
Price 30,000won
Age Group Above 8 years old
RunningTime About 60min
Contact 02-3472-1420

Ticket Open 3.15(Tue) 2PM(Seoul Arts Center Premium Membership, KNCDC'S Membership BANDI) | 3.16(Wed) 2PM
Full Stop. Comma, Exclamation Mark! Question Mark? A stage where punctuations are the protagonists
the dance piece for children and adolescents, In the Land of Punctuation is coming back!

I admired the simple yet fierce set design, the tension and relaxation exchanged back and forth between the two pianists, and the soft and refined movement from the dancers.
freef***(INTERPARK Audience Review)

A story and humor created as classical movements are clashing with colorful emotions
Son Junhyung(Researcher, TYA Research Center, The National Theater Company of Korea)

In the Land of Punctuation is a dance performance created for children and young adults, which is inspired by the picture book, In the Land of Punctuation, poetry by Christian Morgenstern and illustration by Rathna Ramanathan, where unique graphic design meets poetic depiction. The dancers who become living punctuations through the lens of choreographer Jung Youngdoo, also act as notes responding to the music on stage, while meeting other punctuations creating a unique formative image. The delightful, multifaceted music performed by two pianists, written by composer Sheen Dongil adds to the theatricality, and stage art by designer Jung Minsun completes the Land of Punctuation with refined sensibility.

A world that is peaceful yet full of tension, In the Land of Punctuation will bring you the symbols of punctuations and their meanings that are naturally permeated in our everyday lives, offering a time to encounter them audio-visually.

*Punctuations refer to the symbols that one uses in a sentence, such as commas, full stops, or question marks, etc., in order to deliver the meaning of the text accurately. Sometimes they may indicate a stop, an interruption, stepping aside, or a pause, and other times they may express the intonation, intention or emotion.
*In the Land of Punctuation is a performance based on a picture book of the same title by Tara Books, translated and published in Korea by BORIM PRESS.

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Jung Youngdoo

Director and art director of the Doo Dance Theater. Jung's major works include Craving for More and Incompatible Yet One(2003), Unsweet Air(2004), Hollow, Pure White, the Body(2006), Gido(2007), A Seventh Man(2010), Forethought - Prometheus' Fire(2012), Fugue(2015), Music Theater A Song of Dewdrops(2017), Symphony In C(2018), Dawn and Post Apartment(2019), Unreachable(2020), In the Land of Punctuation(2021), and Changgeuk King Lear(2022)..

  • Kang Dasom
    Kang Dasom
  • Kim Suin
    Kim Suin
  • Jin Zhiyuan
    Jin Zhiyuan
  • Roh Yeseul
    Roh Yeseul
  • Yum Joungyun
    Yum Joungyun
  • Yi Yeji
    Yi Yeji
  • Lee Youjin
    Lee Youjin
  • Jung Logyee
    Jung Logyee
  • Joo Junghyun
    Joo Junghyun
  • 신은경
    Shin Eunkyoung
  • 안지아
    An Jia
Choreographer Jung Youngdoo
Choreography Asistant Jung Logyee
Movement Co-creation
Dancer Kang Dasom, Kim Suin, Jin Zhiyuan, Roh Yeseul, Yum Joungyun, Yi Yeji, Lee Youjin, Jung Logyee, Joo Junghyun
Music Sheen Dongil
Pianist Shin Eunkyoung, An Jia
Scenography·Costume Designer Jung Minsun
Lighting Designer Ko Gwikyoung
Technical Director Eo Kyoungjun
Sound Director Kim Sichul
Stage Manager Lee Doyup
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