Man to Man
Title Man to Man
Date 2022-09-30 ~ 2022-10-02
Venue Sejong Center for the Performing Arts S Theater
Contact 02-3472-1420


The two contemporary choreographers that have captivated an international audience with an overwhelming
energy and impressive performance meet for the performance of MAN TO MAN.

Choreographer Her Sungim has been noted for illuminating the stories of those on the margins and raising questions about stereotypes in a bold manner. In her new work, the choreographer portrays “things that disappear and fall” we encounter in life both dramatically and calmly.

After a long time of waiting due to the COVID-19 pandemic since Lali Ayguadé was invited by the KNCDC in 2019, she finally stages the piece Sublimation this year. They Answer Our Own Gaze, a dance film made during the pandemic, featuring the choreographer and dancers performing at Sublimation, has attracted much attention; it has been invited to Korean and international film festivals such as InShadow. Ayguadé highlights the importance of overcoming the fear and revealing our own selves as an individual in society in this work. Sublimation depicts the process of looking inside our true selves and identity instead of being buried in groups we belong to.


  • 맨투맨
  • 맨투맨
  • 맨투맨
  • 맨투맨
  • 맨투맨
  • 맨투맨
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랄리 아구아데

Lali Ayguadé




Her Sungim
Everything Falls Dramatic
  • 허성임
    Her sungim
  • 이세준
    Lee Sejoon
  • 조준홍
    Cho Junhong
  • 조현도
    Jo Hyundo
  • 최승민
    Choi Seungmin
  • 하지혜
    Ha Jihye
  • 권요한
    Kwon Yohan
  • 류진욱
    Ryu Jinwook
  • 서동솔
    Seo Dongsol
  • 손지민
    Son Jimin
  • 유재성
    Yu Jaesung
  • 이대호
    Lee Daeho
  • 정재원
    Jung Jaewon
  • 정철인
    Jeong Cheolin
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