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Title Winterreise
Date 2022-12-09 ~ 2022-12-11
Venue Seoul Arts Center Jayu Theater
Contact 02-3472-1420

Winterreise, choreographed by veteran choreographers last year, will return in 2022 with new choreography by the KNDCD's artistic director Nam Jeongho, who will also dance in it.
This production portrays the temporality and history of life that has been accumulated in the body based on 'Winterreise,' a song cycle by Franz Schubert. A harmonious blend of dance with Müller's poems and Schubert's music will bring a deeper understanding and empathy for human life. Arranged by the music director Choe Uzong, a new variation of Winterreise will be presented to the audience in 2022.

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Nam Jeongho
Move to the top.