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Cascade Passage

Cascade Passage
Title Cascade Passage
Date 2023-06-23 ~ 2023-06-25
Venue Seoul Arts Center Jayu Theater
Age Group Above 14 years old

Welcome to the intersection of disaster and tourism and that of darkness and light!

So now begins the tour.

M.U.P. Travel


“This place where you are right now has become a historic place since the largest power blackout in history that occurred on August 14, 2003. Cascade Passage has been run with reserve powers for 20 years. The remaining power may run out soon.”

A blackout, a series of failures of electric power supply system, is something close to a disaster like natural disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons, nuclear accidents, wars and viruses, rather than simple electrical signal errors or incidents.

A disaster threatens everyone’s lives and living environments, throwing us into darkness in which we can’t even see an inch in front of us. However, we cannot imagine the ruins forever; we continue to establish our lives while still living in there. M.U.P. Travel presents three kinds of ruins tour packages that invite tourists to experience the power plant-theatre space after the disaster. Tourists will be able to visit the sites of the disaster as if taking a pleasant walk, and will definitely find pleasure from what they come across.

Come and experience the Vertical Program unfolding up and down, which brings you to the inside of a huge moving machine. The hidden purpose of the Cascade Passage tour program lies in the form that penetrates the narrative. The journey begins with the instructions of a tour guide offered by the M.U.P. Travel. Cascade Passage will be an important tourism industry of the future together with Chernobyl Dark Tour.


  Audience Guidelines

  -  Please enter the auditorium on the first floor and feel free to take an empty seat.
  -  When the performance begins, a guide will let you know about the three ruins packages. Spots for viewing vary depending on your choice.

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  • Cascade Passage
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  • Cascade Passage
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Mu:p  Cho Hyeongjun, Son Minsun

Cho Hyeong-jun and Son Minsun, who work with choreography and architecture, have explored themes of space. They experiment with space, choreography and phenomenon created by placing bodies and objects in the context of specific places, and aim to make organized environments or systems operate on the basis of time structure.

Mu:p’s major works include Butler and Poster(2022), Luxury Baroque World A.I.(2022), Decadence-system(2022), Cascade Passage(2020), Over the wall(2016) and the Open set series: {Open set}⊂Phase-lag(2018), {Open set}⊂Phenotype(2020), <{Open set}⊂Quadriennal(2021).

  • Kang Hojung     
    Kang Hojung
  • Son Minsun     
    Son Minsun
  • Shin Sangmi     
    Shin Sangmi
  • Lee Sojin     
    Lee Sojin
  • Cho Hyeongjun     
    Cho Hyeongjun
  • Han Areum     
    Han Areum
Choreographer & Stage Designer Mu:p
Cast Kang Hojung, Son Minsun, Shin Sangmi, Lee Sojin, Cho Hyeongjun, Han Areum
Sound Designer Jeong Jinhwa
Lighting Designer Lim Jaeduk
Video Designer Lee Hyunji
Costume Ahn Sol


Production Stage Manager Jo Eunjin
Sound Director Kim Sunghwan


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