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@test.choreography, New-Atude Project

@test.choreography, New-Atude Project
Title @test.choreography, New-Atude Project
Date 2023-06-30 ~ 2023-07-02
Venue Seoul Arts Center Jayu Theater



Exploring the crack between the inside and outside of the choreographic order



An attitude of viewing the body and movement with an expanded gaze

New-Atude Project


KNCDC’s choreography contest project has found and supported repertoires in and around contemporarydance. This year, the project introduces Na Yeonwoo’s @test.choreography and Lim Jungha’s New-Atude Project. Na Yeonwoo’s @test.choreography is based on the research work that was developed through the 2020 Choreography Lab project. The choreographer, who then tested individuals and developed the results as elements of the performance, will test ‘choreography’ in the theater this year and raise various questions. Lim Jungha’s New–Atude Project takes its title from ‘new attitude’; it seeks to question the attitude toward movement and offer different perspectives on the body and movements. KNCDC discovers the questions casted by choreographers in year 2023, reproduces existing works from the ‘present’ perspective, and seeks to share artistic viewpoints of the contemporary times.


@test.choreography Choreography Na Yeonwoo

@test.choreography is an account on Instagram, an online platform. The account was produced as part of research and presentation in the 2020 KNCDC Choreography LAB Project and was then used as an archive for personal work. Just as there are things only revealed in watching live performances, there are contents that only appear within each post. Choreographer Na Yeonwoo analyzes and juxtaposes the similarities between the overlapping structure of the platform and the choreographic method. She collects the edited realities that float on the platform, uses the @test.choreography account as a filter, embarks as a part, and organizes a mass. Through the process of reappropriating all this, she creates and constitutes a series of movements and summons them to the theater.

New-Atude Project Choreography Lim Jungha

Would it be possible to objectively view, perform, and expand movements by diverse subjects? ‘New-Atude’ is a compound word coined by the choreographer from ‘New Attitude’, referring to the perspective of viewing variously. New-Atude Project stems from the attitude of viewing the body and movement from diverse perspectives. It is a process and experiment of exploring the root of the movement of body and nonbody and combining it with performance vocabulary.



Na Yeonwoo

​Ever since her first encounter with ​eurhythmics, Na Yeonwoo has been living and working with movement. She believes that choreography is ‘creating an environment where movements can be generated’, and continues to work with historical or personal conditions with elements of performance as motifs. Major works include time//line, the book being performed, @test.choreography, and Today, Performance.

Lim Jungha

Lim Jungha is a choreographer who has been working with stories on humans, nature, and machines. His recent work and research deal with the attitude of viewing the body and movement, and the diversity of movements. He seeks to create a visual-oriented stage and continues collaborative works between dance and film. He is motivated by little ideas turning into performances on stage. Major works include >“hello world ;", New-Atude Project, and Pollution-Free Dance.



  • Kwon Lyoneun
    Kwon Lyoneun
  • Na Yeonwoo
    Na Yeonwoo

New-Atude Project
  • Kwak Youha
    Kwak Youha
  • Lee Youngrye
    Lee Youngrye
  • Lim Jungha
    Lim Jungha
  • Heo Joonhwan
    Heo Joonhwan
Choreography Na Yeonwoo
Cast Kwon Lyoneun Na Yeonwoo
Image Editing
Research Kang Yoonzee
Video·Editing Lee Min
Costume Design Jeong Hojin
Sound Design Yoon Suhee
Stage Design Jeong Seungjun
Outside Eye Hwang Soohyun
New-Atude Project
Choreography Lim Jungha
Cast Kwak Youha Lee Youngrye Lim Jungha Her Junhwan
Dramaturgy Yang Jiwool
Music·Video Limvert
Costume Design Kim Eunkyoung
Stage Design Choi Sangji




Lighting Design Gong Yeonhwa
Production Stage Manager Jo Eunjin
Sound Direction Kim Sunghwan
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