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Wales Connection

Wales Connection
Title Wales Connection
Date 2023-11-24 ~ 2023-11-26
Venue Seoul Arts Center Jayu Theater

The National Dance Company Wales (NDCWales) joins KNCDC for Wales Connection, a project designed to create a new work by the choreographers selected by the two countries. The Wales has established a distinct presence in the contemporary dance scene with their work showing their unique historical and cultural backgrounds and artistic potential. Both having started their career as a street dancer, Kim Boram and Anthony Matsena are receiving attention as a choreographer in their own country. Anthony Matsena from Wales met Korean dancers in April this year through auditions and will work with 8 dancers in this new production. Kim Boram from the Ambiguous Dance Company will showcase a new work using his own style of movement with three dancers from the NDCWales.


Catachory Choreography Kim Boram

"Catachory," a word meaning an "invisible light," implies the origin of all life. This work will be a "journey in search of catachory" for those who may not recognize the light, even though life originated from light. All living things including humans are to return to dust. Thinking further, however, at the end of everything, they will ultimately exist as the light of the beginning. In Catachory, the choreographer asks questions: "How can we interpret the light?" "Why do we live and move?" This performance is an attempt to find the light within myself and that of all through understanding and exploration of the body and to feel "catachory" which all of us have, had and will have, thereby making ourselves shine.

Canned Meat  Choreography Anthony Matsena

Canned Meat explores the ideas of a world on the brink of collapse, eight individuals find themselves bound together by a common desire to escape the suffocating grip of global capitalism, consumerism, and overworking. Through a potent blend of theatre, dance, and music, Canned Meat questions the value we put on ourselves and the value the world puts on us. The work blisteringly unfolds, blurring the lines between past, present, and future as it delves deep into the intricacies of human existence and challenges of living with the modern ideas that define us. What makes us unique as individuals? Are we all another piece of meat on a market shelf easily bought and restocked? Is this world of ours replaceable?”



Kim Boram

Kim Boram, a choreographer and artistic director at the Ambiguous Dance Company, presents a new perspective on contemporary dance, working with a variety of genres, such as contemporary dance, hip hop, street dance and ballet. Kim intends to choreograph works based on the unique interpretation of music, returning to the "sound before music" and the "body before dance." This new attempt makes it possible to connect to audiences more closely and deeply within the harmony of specific music and dance. Tiger Is Coming that Kim choreographed in collaboration with the Korean band Leenalchi has attracted national and international attention, and in 2021, he appeared on the music video of the British rock band Coldplay for their song Higher Power. In this way, Kim is trying to communicate with the public more actively.

앤서니 멧세나
Anthony Matsena

Anthony Matsena is a Zimbabwean-born and Welsh-raised choreographer, performer and director. His work has explored diverse themes of culture, race, change and belonging. Anthony co-founded Matsena Productions with his brother Kel in 2017 and has created works dealing with black stories while using their different skills in African dance, hip hop, contemporary, rap, theatre and poetry. He became a Sadler’s Wells Young Associate in 2018 and has participated in making works for Sky Arts, Sadler’s Wells, BBC, National Dance Company Wales and Jasmin Vardimon 2, among others. Currently, Anthony serves as an associate artist at National Dance Company Wales and Messums Wiltshire and is on the board of the National Youth Dance Wales. He recently became a fellow at Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama.



  • 니암 킬링
    Niamh Keeling
  • 사무엘 질로비츠
    Samuel Gilovitz
  • 질 고
    Jill Goh


Canned Meat
  • 공지수
    Gong Jisoo
  • 배소
    Bae Somi
  • 손무경
    Son Mugyeong
  • 신혜수
    Shin Hyesoo
  • 오정환
    O Jeonghwan
  • 오현택
    Oh Hyeontaek
  • 유동인
    Yoo Dongin
  • 임소정
    Im Sojeong
Choreographer Kim Boram
Assistant Choreographer Lee Hak
Dancer Niamh Keeling, Samuel Gilovitz, Jill Goh
Music Director · Composer Jang Younggyu
Canned Meat
Choreographer Anthnoy Matsena
Assistant Choreographer Harrison Claxton
Dancer Gong Jisoo, Bae Somi, Son Mugyeong, Shin Hyesoo, O Jeonghwan, Oh Hyeontaek, Yoo Dongin, Im Sojeong
Music Beth Lewis, Harvey Burke-Hamilton
Costume Design Jeong Hojin




Lighting Design Gong Yeonhwa
Production Stage Manager Jo Eunjin
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