Title Jungle
Date 2024-04-11 ~ 2024-04-14
Venue Seoul Arts Center CJ Towol Theater

Jungle, a place where the instincts of the body and vitality fiercely collide with each other. Happenings unfolding on the stage turned into a jungle are seen from a perspective view. The scenes portraying the jungle, in which making and being made, the hidden and the revealed, stillness and motion as well as relaxation and tension coexist, are just like our everyday lives that we are struggling with. Jungle is an attempt to reflect on the movements observed on stage, making us contemplate the weight and depth of our existence, heavier than thought and deeper than seen. This work is based on the atypical movement research, “Process Init,” developed by the KNCDC’s artistic director Kim Sungyong. Through “Process Init,” dancers awaken their individual concrete senses and explore mutual responses, creating changes and expansions of movement.



Kim Sungyong

Based on his philosophy that "Dance is a language that cannot be described in words," Kim Sungyong pursues dance as the "most truthful means of expression." He emphasizes that dance is an art to be expressed frankly above all. For him who embodies what words cannot portray, choreography is a process of searching for what he wants to express in the treasury of new things. Movement research "Process init," which he developed with a focus on "sense and reaction," further solidifies this process. Artistic inspiration brought to him through "Process init" deriving atypical and creative movement is turned into visible forms on stage. Kim began dancing at the age of 15 and came to prominence as the youngest winner of the gold award at Dong-A Dance Competition at 20 in 1997, and as the first Korean to win an award at Japan International Ballet & Modern Dance Competition in Nagoya. Showcasing more than 100 choreographic works on prestigious domestic and international stages, he has received a number of awards while being recognized for his abilities and talent. Besides, serving as the director of the Daegu Contemporary Dance Company, he brought new wind to the organization as a young leader in his 40s. He was also considered to have contributed to improving the dancers' capabilities and developing the company through various attempts, demonstrating his own empathetic communication skills. Kim Sungyong, who is making his own way as a dancer, choreographer and administrator, is expected to take Korean contemporary dance to a world-class standard through his young and creative leadership based on his extensive experience and know-how in the field.

  • Kang Seongryong
    Kang Seongryong
  • Kang Seunghyun
    Kang Seunghyun
  • Kim Minah
    Kim Minah
  • Kim Yoonmee
    Kim Yoonmee
  • Kim Yunhyun
    Kim Yunhyun
  • Sung Minjung
    Sung Minjung
  • Yang Jiyeon
    Yang Jiyeon
  • Yu Dajeong
    Yu Dajeong
  • Lee Kyungyub
    Lee Kyungyub
  • Lee Jisoo
    Lee Jisoo
  • Jung Jaewoo
    Jung Jaewoo
  • Jung Juryung
    Jung Juryung
  • Jo Hyundo
    Jo Hyundo
  • Cheon Youngdon
    Cheon Youngdon
  • Choi Yeonjin
    Choi Yeonjin
  • Ha Jihye
    Ha Jihye
  • Hong Jeehyun
    Hong Jeehyun
Choreographer Kim Sungyong
Rehearsal Director Lee Junwook
Composer·Music Director Marihiko Hara
Text·Dramaturg Kim Meyoung
Scenographer You Jaehun(Youjam Studio)
Stage Designer Jo haerin(Youjam Studio)
Lighting Designer Lee Jungyoon
Costume Designer Bae Kyongsool
Production Stage Manager Cho Yoongeun
Dancer Kang Seongryong, Kang Seunghyun, Kim Minah, Kim Yoonmee, Kim Yunhyun, Sung Minjung, Yang Jiyeon, Yu Dajeong, Lee Kyungyub, Lee Jisoo, Jung Jaewoo, Jung Juryung, Jo Hyundo, Cheon Youngdon, Choi Yeonjin, Ha Jihye, Hong Jeehyun
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